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As you probably all know, Sophia became the co-founder of a fragrance and beauty line which is I Smell Great last year. During her holidays to Uganda she also designed jewelry for 31 bits and Akola Project (if you wanna learn more about these ethical companies, check out our articles – “June – July 2015 : Africa (part 1)” & “June – July 2015 : Africa (part 2)” – about her trip!). You can buy the “Storyteller” necklace on 31 bits & the “Love” necklace on Akola.

But two days ago, Sseko Designs – another ethical company – announced us that she also designed sandals!

silver-slide-marquee-v2-1“We are excited to introduce you to our latest and greatest sandal: the Silver & Espresso Crossover Slide designed by our friend & actress Sophia Bush! This Spring, we’ve introduced four brand-new additions to our sandal line, but the Crossover Slide is the most exciting for our team because it’s our first sandal to require a shoe last in the assembly process! We’ll give you a behind-the-scenes peak at how the sandal came to be, from Sophia’s design to the final production. While hosting Sophia at our workshop in Uganda, we covered a lot of ground! We started with greetings and then shared lunch with our team, where they asked her all kinds of questions about her career path, future goals and greatest insecurities and fears. (HA! They leave no stone unturned. They’re bold & curious and we adore them for it!)…”
Read the article on Sseko Designs!

Sseko Designs also released a lot of new photographs of Sophia which was taken last summer at Sseko Designs workshops while she was designing her sandals.

    “We can’t thank Sophia Bush enough for coming to visit Sseko Uganda–and we hope that you love her new sandal as much as we do!” – The Sseko Designs team.

normal_Sophia-Bush-2015-Akola-Project_016“#tbt to summer in Uganda with my sister from another mister @consciousco. We stopped in the tea fields on our way to the @ssekodesigns factory. Nothing could prepare me for how inspired I’d be meeting the artisans there. The women taught me so much, including how they operate pretty heavy machinery to make gorgeous sandals. AND I got to design my very own pair!! Head over to @ssekodesigns to check them out! I’m so proud to be contributing to this project that’s changing the lives of women. #ugandabeinspired #pinchme #imadesignerbaby #bucketlist” See it on Sophia’s instgram & don’t forget that if you wanna buy her sandals, you can buy them on Sseko Desings for 69,99$ !

“The gratitude that these women put into each piece they make is palpable. Talk about being made with love.” – Sophia Bush