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This month Sophia is on the Cover of Alaska Beyond Magazine. We have the scans in the gallery, so you can read the whole interview.

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Relationships that don’t lead to lifetime commitments are not failures.

It seems we often learn about what love is—or what we think it should be—from movies and TV. There’s this binary idea of “I love him!/He’s the worst!” “I’m going to marry him!/I never want to speak to him again!” Sure, everybody has moments when they look at their partner and wonder, Could this person be my person? But I believe that the more you experience, the more your feelings begin to exist in shades of gray.

My first experience with love was incredibly pure. The boy I loved had been one of my best friends from the time we were 9 years old. We went to summer camp together every year. I remember what a big deal it was the first time he held my hand. He was my first real kiss.

In my 20s, when I was starting out my career as an actor, I wasn’t looking for a relationship, but one found me and became serious, even though I hadn’t planned to settle down until my 30s. But when the person you’re with asks you to marry him, you think: This must be happening because it’s supposed to.

But I refuse to let that one relationship define me, which is why I’ve done my best to avoid discussing it for 10 years. The reality is that, yes, it was a massive event in my life. And the trauma of it was amplified by how public it became, which was incredibly foreign and bizarre to a girl who’d been just another college kid 24 months before her life blew up.

Luckily, I had a guy friend who was truly supportive and encouraged me to examine all aspects of my reality. He sent me great books on love and recommended a meditation teacher. After a year, and our mutual friends always asking why we weren’t dating, we realized they were all on to something. Ever heard the phrase “It’s a reason, a season, or a lifetime?” Well, this particular relationship was just a season, but still, it was life shaping. It truly was my space to heal. And I was able to process all that had happened and find a deeper understanding of love.

And thus, I came to appreciate that relationships often serve a specific purpose at a certain point in time, for myriad reasons. Some are meant to heal you, some are meant to teach you how to build yourself up, and some are meant to show you how to trust your own intuition. You call in exactly whom and what you need over the course of your life, as you are learning life’s lessons. And learn them you will. Even if you try to avoid these teachings, they’re coming for you. This reality has taught me that the relationships that don’t lead to lifetime commitments are not failures. Not every love can last forever.

I don’t define success that way anymore. Because the answers are never black-and-white. Often in between those two, you find the keys to what you need in partnership: what you’re willing to give, what you want to get, and what things are absolutes that you cannot compromise on. A few months with the right person can be as great an experience as a decade-long union with someone else.

When you take the pressure of The One off, you’ll open yourself up to endless possibilities. You’ll learn to have a truly deep, knowing relationship with yourself first. Then the rest will fall into place. Reasons, seasons, and lifetimes. They’re all valid.

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image On January 27, Sophia said in a tweet that she would love to see our faces on our profile pictures instead of hers.

“Real talk. If you’re a brand new account w 4 tweets & an egg for ur icon, I don’t trust ya. #UseAPhoto #OfYOU #ItsOkay #YoureProbablyAwesome” You can see it on her own Twitter!

Then several fans started to send her pictures of themselves with a short sentence in which they said why they loved her with the hashtag #SelfiesForSoph.

That is how a huge movement of love started. Every fan of Sophia, every little voice started to send her selfies with the hashtag #SelfiesForSoph which became trending! (you can click on the hashtag to see selfies).

Sophia was – of course – touched and flattered in front of so much love. She naturally reacted and she even responded to some of us and she took advantage of this movement to spread a message of love and self acceptance.

    “LADIES! Seeing all of your beautiful, awesome, smart, super cool faces scrolling through #SelfiesForSoph is making my night. You DESERVE to love yourselves just as you are. Because you’re all AWESOME! So yes queens! Be you. Do you. Show YOU! I love this #selflove work! ❤️” See it on twitter!
    “I want each&every one of you to love your self(ie). Do not be afraid to post your own photos! You’re rad! This make my ❤️💥! #SelfiesForSoph” See it on twitter!

She was really inspired and touched by all the love she received, the messages and the selfies. That is why she encouraged everybody to join the movement and to do the same!

    “My TL is so full of love & honesty & bravery & beautyFULL humans right now. Thank you all for participating. The journey > ! #SelfiesForSoph
    I looked at thousands of pictures tonight, and glimpsed thousands of stories of struggle, love, & the road to self-acceptance. I’m so inspired. Keep going. No matter if the road is rough right now, or easy at the moment, it’s a worthy path. You have all floored me with your honesty and bravery and beauty. Inside and out. Keep going. #loveyourself(ie) #SelfiesForSoph”

Naturally, she sent back all the love she received back to us. She promoted self-love and confidence all night long and she made us feel enough! She even posted HER seflie to finish the nigth.

image “Still can’t figure out where to look for a selfie 🙈 but here ya go. Working to love my self(ie) too #SelfiesForSoph” See it on twitter !

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On June 24, Sophia went to Jinja which still is in Uganda. This time Soph and her friends have met the ladies who works for another ethical and fashion company which is called Akola Project (which means “she works”) and which empowers women and breaks the cycle of poverty for thousands of children. They visited the workshops and Sophia and Barbara have even had the opportunity to make their own jewelry.

normal_Sophia-Bush-Uganda-Trip_2015_028 “#tbt to this summer, visiting @akolaproject in Uganda with my #sisterfromanothermister @consciousco. We spent the day getting to know the incredible women artisans whose lives have been changed for the better since finding work and education opportunists with Akola. And we got to bead. Aaaaaand maybe we might have designed some pieces of our own (maybe meaning we did!) that are going to be available through Akola soon. Talk about a #dreamcometrue. #FashionWithPurpose #BeadBabes #UgandaMakeAnImpactOnWomenAndGirls” See it on Sophia’s instagram!  

Then they went to the Wildwaters Lodge hotel… And on June 25 they went back to Akola Project’s workshops to learn how to make jewelry with Uganda’s women and when they arrived they were welcomed by women who were dancing and singing!

normal_Sophia-Bush-Uganda-Trip_2015_42 “This is Praise. She’s the loom master at @akolaproject. And in this moment she’s showing me how to loom with raffia, which she miraculously is able to make into the most stunning handbags. The process requires patience, a great eye for pattern, and is actually quite meditative. Much like anyone who’s truly skilled at something complicated, Praise makes working the loom seem so easy. I assure you it is not! I know because I tried. She was incredibly patient with me as I learned — and screwed up a zillion times — just as she has been in teaching all of the artisans who are now working alongside her. She said, “thank you for supporting our work,” to which I immediately replied, “we support your work because we LOVE your work. It’s truly beautiful.” And I mean that. Praise deserves all the praise I can offer. She’s a true artist, and a women empowering so many women in Jinja. #UgandaBeInspired #FashionWithPurpose #madewithlove” See it on Sophia’s instagram!  

On June 26 and June 27, Sophia and her tribe went back to Kampala but this time it was in order to visit the workshops of Sseko Designs, a fashion brand based in Uganda which produces handbags, accessories and beautiful leather sandals with interchangeable straps that can be styled in hundreds of ways and which uses fashion to provide employment and scholarship opportunities to women pursuing their dreams and overcoming poverty. They had the chance to meet the team and they even danced, laughed and sang with them!

normal_Sophia-Bush-Uganda-Trip_2015_008 “These young women are becoming the leaders of tomorrow, at Cornerstone Leadership Academy, thanks to support from @ssekodesigns and all of their #GreatCustomers. I tried (and failed!) to hide my tears at CLA today as we heard from the students. And our table decor!? We love you too, ladies. What a magical place. What magical girls. #UgandaBeInspired #EmpoweredGirls #LiveGreat #ConsciousCommerce”  

On june 29, Sophia and her tribe left Uganda in order to go to Cape Town, in South Africa.

“Leaving Uganda today with a full heart, an inspired mind, and an activated spirit. There is so much joy here. The women we spent our time with will forever be stitched into my heart. And they’ve taught me a thing or two about how to greet your friends with the most epic welcome dances! I can’t wait to show you all what I’m cooking up with Akola Project, Sseko Designs, and 31 bits! #FashionWithPurpose #ConsciousCommerce #UgandaBeInspired” Read it here on Soph’s Instagram.  

On june 30 all of them climbed to the top of the Lion’s Head, a mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, between Table Mountain and Signal Hill. On July 1th, they went to Hermanus where they had the incredible chance to observe some whales and sharks.

Sophia and her tribe left Africa on June 3rd!

If you wanna revive Sophia’s trip to Uganda, here is a video of her exploring her three favorite ethical companies – Sseko Designs, 31 bits and Akola Project.

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Last summer, Sophia and friends went to Africa. They took the plane in LAX Airport (in Los Angeles) on June 19, 2015 to go to Africa in order to explore some areas of this country and help out ethical and fashion companies, 31 bits, Akola Project and Sseko Designs. Three companies which were created in order to help countries which was destroyed because of a war and which are suffering of poverty.

A Peek Inside Sophia Bush’s Safari-Bound Suitcase!


“When we heard Sophia Bush was embarking on a weeklong trip in Uganda to meet with three ethical fashion brands—31 Bits, Akola Project, and Sseko Designs—our ears immediately perked up. What would the actress pack for such an adventure? Luckily, Bush was happy to give us a peek at the contents of her very stylish suitcase, which included everything from her go-to camera to versatile sandals and a bikini for swimming with great whites. Keep reading to see all of Bush’s safari essentials!” Click here if you wanna learn more about Sophia’s Safari-Bound Suitcase!


Firstly they went to East Africa and more especially to Uganda. Sophia and her friends arrived in Kampala, the capital and Uganda’s biggest town, on June 20, 2015. The day after they woke up early in order to participate to a safari to explore Murchison Falls park where they could see a lot of animals and the Murchison Falls which is a waterfall on the Nile, between Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert. Then, they spent the night in the Paraa Safari Lodge hotel which is into the park.

“Pure magic. No words. What a day. The earth is vibrating in all of us. The tether is so strong and so raw. We are made to see and love this planet. And, sometimes, to be shaken to our cores by the wildness of lions and clay and wide open spaces. And if we are lucky, when we are shaken, we recognize old friends and our truest truths in seemingly new places. It’s all a home-coming. I am bowed to my knees. We are so very small. #grateful #tinytethers” See it on Sophia’s instagram!

On June 22, they went to Gulu where they met the women who work for 31 bits, a company which literally beats on love and which aims is to empower women and girls through fashion, they also visited the 31 bits workshops and Sophia has had the opportunity to learn their stories, learn how to dance and she even created and designed her own jewelry! Every 31 bits necklace is a handmade product created with recycled paper, painted and rolled by women.

normal_22-Juin-2015-Sophia-Bush-Uganda-Trip_001 “What an incredible welcome to Gulu, Uganda!! The 175 women of @31bits rushed our car upon arrival, dancing & singing, and pulled us into the compound and performed for us. We only sat for a few moments to learn the proper moves, and then were coaxed up and led into the field, dancing with these incredible ladies and their kids. I lost count of the number of times they thanked us for coming. The thing is, it’s us who are so grateful to them. For hosting us. For welcoming us like family. For their warm smiles and strong hugs and inviting souls. And for their incredible perseverance. #31Bits was born to help rehabilitate a war-torn region. To help empower the most disadvantaged women. To return hope to families. And these amazing ladies have done it. Their stories will move you to tears, make you thankful for the sheer magic that is the human spirit, and bring so much joy into your heart that you’ll realize you’re clutching your hand to your chest just to feel it beating, and you didn’t even notice that you put it there. Being conscious of what you support, even through such simple actions as buying a bracelet or necklace for a loved one, can literally impact entire communities halfway around the world. The gratitude that these women put into each piece they make is palpable here. Talk about the meaning of “being made with love.” #UgandaBeInspired #FashionWithPurpose” See it on Sophia’s instagram!

On June 23, 31 bits organized an aerobics class that they did with over 100 women (including Sophia). A bit later Sophia made some photos with international photographers for 31 bits in order to promote women’s work globally. She also met two men with amazing stories she has listened to them and she told us their stories in her turn.

normal_23-Juin-2015-Sophia-Bush-Uganda-Trip_005 “These are my friends David and Sam. I’ve known David, through Invisible Children, for many years. I just had the pleasure of meeting Sam on this trip to Uganda. Both of these men glow. They are so full of joy, purpose, & gratitude. And both of these men were kidnapped by the LRA when they were children. David managed to escape after six horrific months. Sam just came home last year, after 24 years of living captive in the bush. You’d imagine that victims of such a war would be closed off, angry, or afraid. These two are never not smiling. They are so welcoming, funny, & positive. Being home is a total miracle for them. They will share their stories, terrifying and unimaginable, with candor. They are looking forward. David has a passion for education access, has worked with IC, reintegration efforts for former LRA victims here in Uganda, and now a partnership with #PathwaysToPeaceUganda. His mission, as he puts it, is to give people their dreams back. To find out “who they want to be in this world and let them be it.” His work brought me to tears. His dedication is unparalleled. So many aid groups are gone now that the LRA is deep in Sudan. The programs that IC still supports here are among the few left rescuing those that come home. David is committed to continuing until the last LRA fighter surrenders. He greeted Sam upon his homecoming, they’ve become best friends. And Sam has been using his voice to make radio broadcasts (using the tower network IC helped to build!), send defection fliers into the bush — with his photos & messages of safe homecoming — to other captives of the LRA. The largest single defection happened last year, thanks to Sam’s messages, when 46 people came home in 1 day. As these men know, the conflict still exists. David told me that “if someday there are only two LRA fighters left, there is still a war. There may as well be thousands. They will keep fighting.” It’s often easy to feel exhausted by global issues, to lose focus on what’s happening around the globe, to feel disheartened & thus turn away. There is nothing disheartening here. There is only hope. Hope that each of these men once thought was lost. It’s here. Keep watching. #Hope” Click here to see it on Sophia’s Instagram.

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