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“Who’s Sophia Bush?” is a question asked by people who don’t watch a lot of millennial-friendly hit television or keep up with an online social media presence of 1.9 million followers on Twitter and 2.9 million followers on Instagram that the actress has turned into a constant, and constantly intense megaphone for political activism. Some may be tuning in for news about her show, or a shot of her on a red carpet, but when she tweets, more than twice as many people see it than anything that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell or Senate Minority Chuck Schumer put out. (Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, John McCain, Elizabeth Warren and Marco Rubio are the only senators who have her beat.)

Bush isn’t related to the family that produced two presidents, and it takes about two seconds talking to her to figure out that she’s a liberal. But it doesn’t take much longer to see the amount of time she spends thinking and reading about the issues she cares about, and regularly lights up into causes for people outside the usual run of political obsessives—“People who have values and are champions of equality need to be speaking up about why that’s important,” she said.

“It’s like, I want to walk into Congress and raise my hand and go, ‘Hey, bros, if I’m expected to pay for your Viagra, you sure as shit are going to pay for my mammograms.’ What is happening? This is insane,” she told me in an interview for POLITICO’s Off Message podcast, hours after the House passed its Obamacare replacement plan.

As for President Donald Trump, she said she can’t believe people have stopped talking about the sexual harassment complaints against him or the “Access Hollywood” tape.

“We have a sexual predator in the Oval Office,” she said. “It’s like Bill Cosby all over again.”

We sat down in New Orleans during the technology- and activism-focused Collision conference, which she attended in a Hillary Clinton-homage red pants suit and “Solidarité Feminism” T-shirt to talk about proudly embracing feminism and what she faces as both a woman in her industry and a Democrat who isn’t shy about standing up for what she believes in.

Bush, whose day job is playing the detective Erin Lindsay on the show Chicago P.D., was at the Women’s March in Washington the day after Trump’s inauguration and has been part of other events, but more often she turns to social media.

“It’s not a strategy. It’s … I have a feeling and I talk about it. It’s the same as if I’m having dinner with friends and some insane thing has happened in the political arena that day and I come to dinner and I’m like, ‘Can you fucking believe this?’” she told me. “I’m screaming on the internet and I’m screaming at home and I’m also like sharing things that I find inspiring and beautiful.”

She’s noticed a change among her followers since November.


Read rest of the article here, where you can also listen to the podcast episode.


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On March 8, it was the International Women’s Day, a great opportunity for a lot of stars to speak about feminism and defend women’s rights.
As a real business woman and a feminist, this day was really important for Sophia because it was such a great opportunity for her voice to be heard! That is why the beautiful, who has over 1 million followers on Twitter and 2 million on Instagram, took advantage of her notoriety to speak about how important it was for her to give to girls – all around the world – an access to education, especially by supporting the charity “The Girl Project” – which she already helps with I Smell Great. Indeed, on every product sold, I Smell Great gives 1$ to The Girl Project. If you wanna learn more about the partnership between I Smell Great & The Girl Project you can read our artcile about it here.

“This #InternationalWomensDay I have a call to action for all of you!! I’ve teamed up with my friends at #TheGirlProject and the amazing team @EcoTools to tell stories of women’s empowerment AND raise $$ for girls education! For every social media post about a woman who inspires you — your best friend/sister/mom/idol/yourself! — that you use the hashtag #MyTrueBeauty and tag @EcoTools, the EcoTools team is donating $1 to #TheGirlProject up to $100,000!!!! We believe that TRUE beauty comes from the inside out. That’s what makes you shine. So shout out your ladies and impact the lives of girls around the world. Much love. #WhoRunTheWorldGIRLS #Empowerment #SisterSister ❤️👭❤️ Click the link in my bio for details! 💋” See the video of Sophia talking about her project with EcoTools on Instagram! And don’t be shy girls, you can always post YOUR picture of the woman who inspires you – don’t forget to use the hashtag #MyTrueBeauty. Sophia will may like it!

In celebration of female empowerment, Sophia went to New York in order to make an interview with Huffington Post in which she spoke about how important it was for her to empower women. Then, Sophia went to People Style and EXTRA, always with the aim of speaking of her project and spread hope and love.

You can watch some pictures of Sophia arriving and leaving the Huffington Post studios in New York below and her interview under the article!


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“Decided to join #snapchat liiiiiike …. Follow me @ sophiabushsnaps 👻 #sophiabushsnaps” See it on Sophia’s instagram!

She finally decided to join SnapChat!! Yes guys, you are not dreaming, Sophia Bush joined Snapchat a few days ago. And the beautiful already shared a lot of photos, videos and BTS pictures with us!

If you wanna be aware of where is Sophia, of what she’s doing or even of her last advices about make-up and everyday life, don’t wait anymore. Follow her. Her username is SophiaBushSnaps – you can also follow Jesse Lee Soffer, his username is RealJLS!

For those you don’t know what SnapChat is, it is a video messaging application. Using the application, users can take photos, record videos, add a filter, text, or sketch overlay, and send them to friends! These sent photographs and videos are known as “Snaps”. Users set a time limit for how long people can view their Snaps after which they will be deleted.

On February 28 she went to the Launch of the New Collection of Coach, a company known for its accessories and bags for women that Sophia really loves. During this day – her first day on SnapChat – she posted a lot of photos and videos on SnapChat – as you can see thereafter (the first three).

On SnapChat, our beautiful Sophia, shares a lot exclusive pictures which come from the set of Chicago PD, Chicago MED and Chicago Fire. Indeed, on her photos and her videos, we have already seen Jesse Lee Soffer, LaRoyce Hawkwins, Patrick Flueger & Colin Donnell! But she also shares short videos and some photos with us on which she says us “sweet dreams” or “good night” – and to be honest, that’s what I prefer.

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As you probably all know, Sophia became the co-founder of a fragrance and beauty line which is I Smell Great last year. During her holidays to Uganda she also designed jewelry for 31 bits and Akola Project (if you wanna learn more about these ethical companies, check out our articles – “June – July 2015 : Africa (part 1)” & “June – July 2015 : Africa (part 2)” – about her trip!). You can buy the “Storyteller” necklace on 31 bits & the “Love” necklace on Akola.

But two days ago, Sseko Designs – another ethical company – announced us that she also designed sandals!

silver-slide-marquee-v2-1“We are excited to introduce you to our latest and greatest sandal: the Silver & Espresso Crossover Slide designed by our friend & actress Sophia Bush! This Spring, we’ve introduced four brand-new additions to our sandal line, but the Crossover Slide is the most exciting for our team because it’s our first sandal to require a shoe last in the assembly process! We’ll give you a behind-the-scenes peak at how the sandal came to be, from Sophia’s design to the final production. While hosting Sophia at our workshop in Uganda, we covered a lot of ground! We started with greetings and then shared lunch with our team, where they asked her all kinds of questions about her career path, future goals and greatest insecurities and fears. (HA! They leave no stone unturned. They’re bold & curious and we adore them for it!)…”
Read the article on Sseko Designs!

Sseko Designs also released a lot of new photographs of Sophia which was taken last summer at Sseko Designs workshops while she was designing her sandals.

    “We can’t thank Sophia Bush enough for coming to visit Sseko Uganda–and we hope that you love her new sandal as much as we do!” – The Sseko Designs team.

normal_Sophia-Bush-2015-Akola-Project_016“#tbt to summer in Uganda with my sister from another mister @consciousco. We stopped in the tea fields on our way to the @ssekodesigns factory. Nothing could prepare me for how inspired I’d be meeting the artisans there. The women taught me so much, including how they operate pretty heavy machinery to make gorgeous sandals. AND I got to design my very own pair!! Head over to @ssekodesigns to check them out! I’m so proud to be contributing to this project that’s changing the lives of women. #ugandabeinspired #pinchme #imadesignerbaby #bucketlist” See it on Sophia’s instgram & don’t forget that if you wanna buy her sandals, you can buy them on Sseko Desings for 69,99$ !

“The gratitude that these women put into each piece they make is palpable. Talk about being made with love.” – Sophia Bush

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It’s official! The actress Sophia Bush and her I Smell Great co-founder, Randi Shinder are partners and together, they will work to bring innovation to the beauty space and to empower women to create their own versions of #greatness.

rs-sb “Working with Randi is a dream come true, I’m incredibly excited. She’s just the coolest woman around with the most wonderful set of priorities. Everything with our company is based on new and leading technology – from the scent spheres to the extractions” said Sophia!

Sophia fell in love with Randi’s first company, CLEAN Perfume and has enjoyed watching her build brand after brand ever since. As an award-winning entrepreneur with a mission to change the face of beauty, Randi Shinder has met her perfect counterpart.
Getting to the heart of why women love beauty and what makes them feel special are concepts that resonate deeply with Sophia. With an affinity for beauty, technology and female empowerment, both ladies are excited to work together to take i smell great® to the highest level of greatness! Read it on I Smell Great

She announced us that she was a part of the I Smell Great team on instagram on June 20th.

normal_19-Mai-2015-Sophia-Bush-I-Smell-Great_002 “Today I am beyond proud and grateful to share some news with all of you. I am partnering with one of my long time beauty and business icons, @RandiJoy6, on the GREATest (literally!) fragrance, and a company that’s been years in the making, @ismellgreat. I fell in love with Randi’s passion and ethos, and we share a vision of spreading #greatness to women. I am so excited for all of you to experience the technology we have created, and the mission of our company. Make sure you all follow @ismellgreat for more! #CreateGreat #GreatPartners #GreatWomen #BeautyMeetsBrains #pinchme” See it on Sophia’s instagram!

She answered to few questions about her fragrance line, I Smell Great, during an interview for People Magazine! Find out here, her answers:

Sophia Bush: The Scent That Drives Guys Wild (and 4 More Must-Knows About Her Fragrance Line)

Some people wish they had special scents made just for them. Sophia Bush actually invented one. PEOPLE caught up with the actress-turned-beauty mogul at an event for the 2015 Wordie Games (video of Sophia and Ian) (where she played Words With Friends against Ian Somerhalder!) and we had to ask about her mix-and-match fragrance line that she’s sure will make women “feel good” and “confident.” Read on for the five facts that might have you sending your résumé to her start-up.

  • How to Woo a Guy in One Minute?

Trying to win over a guy? Have a hot date? Look no further, as there’s one scent I Smell Great scent she says is “definitely” proven to make men go crazy. “All of the guys at work really love our Wild Honey and there’s something about mixing Wild Honey with the Angel Cake that they’re obsessed with,” Bush told PEOPLE of her Chicago P.D. coworkers, joking “Of course, the guys like the Wild/Angel combo!”

  • You’ll Get (Way) More for (Much) Less

“We’ve patented a new scent technology so that our perfumes reactivate as our girls wear them because we want your product to last. We want your product to work for you all day, and that feels really good to be making something like that,” says Bush, who added that she’s learned over the years that some perfume companies make their products non-lasting so that you need to continuously reapply all day (and replenish your bottle sooner!).

  • Her Other Job Is Really, Really Fun

I Smell Great’s four initial scents (Angel Cake, Beach Babe, Candy Crush and Wild Honey) may seem frivolous, but they actually go hand-in-hand with Bush’s advocacy for women. “I have always been disheartened [by] how beauty has always been marketed in a way of telling women they’re not enough and that they need to buy something to feel better about themselves,” she says. “For us, it’s all about products that women love to use that make us feel good, that make us feel confident and we want those things to be based in an affirmation — we want you to start your day being reminded of your greatness and your potential, and the fact that you deserve to feel like your best self.”

Read more on People!

Don’t forget to check out Sophia’s instagram often if you don’t wanna miss her advices, the sales and exclusive photos of Sophia with her I Smell Great goodie!

ISG “#MondayMotivation I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since my business partner @randijoy6 and I announced our company @ismellgreat to all of you! I’m blown away by all of your support. I’m so so proud to be able to share #greatness. This company is our baby; my baby. The fact that my vanity is now full of products I helped make!? Unreal! I’m a cofounder because of the new technology we’ve patented that excites me so much, and because of our shared vision of bringing greatness, and better #productswithpurpose, to women everywhere. So many of you have asked questions since we announced, and throughout this venture I’ll be answering as many as I can, and asking a lot of questions of all of YOU! I love hearing your stories of greatness, about your experience with our goodies, and I want to know more! I’ll ask for your input and your feedback. And I may even ask you to participate in some cool contests with us (by “might” I mean I will for sure 😘). For now, I’m thrilled that the years of building this business and researching new tech have given me a platform to launch my entrepreneurial spirit on. I’ve helped so many amazing companies hone their vision and design as an advisor, and now I get to sit in the driver’s seat. And it’s all because of you guys and your incredible support. I can’t wait for all of you to see what we have in store for you! Get ready for more #greatness, and for some truly innovative #lifehack products. For now, I’m feeling so much gratitude and joy! Find your greatness at ismellgreat.com #2weekbday #livegreat #smellgreat #CreateGreat #FeelingGREATfull #myreallifeCOB #pinchme” See it on Sophia’s instagram


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A few days ago, Sophia went to the Sundance Film Festival, with her friend Jenny Smart, a festival that takes place annually in Park City in Utah, in order to promote a mark of winter clothes and shoes. Indeed, she wore shoes and coat from SOREL during all the festival. Moreover, she took over Sorel’s instagram and she posted a LOT of amazing photos!

normal_22-Janvier-2016-Sophia-Bush-Sundance-Film-Festival_003 “Kicking off my Park City experience during #Sundance in style! Literally dancing in the sun. And snow, of course ❄️ #SORELxSB #SORELfestivalstyle” See it on Instagram.

On January 22, Sophia and Jenny arrived in Park City for the Sundance Film Festival (you can see candids in the Gallery). Then, Sophia went to the Kari Feinstein’s Style Lounge and to a party with some friends. She also posed for three portraits took by Eddie Bauer on the same day, that you can see here!

On January 23, Sophia attended the celebration of “Goat”, the new film of Nick Jonas at the Craig’s Restaurant in Park City, Utah. Nick also posted a selfie of himself and the beautiful Sophia on his own Instagram!

normal_23-Janvier-2016-Sophia-Bush-Sundance-Film-Festival-Park-City-Utah_004 “Good times last night with my friend @sophiabush at the #goat and @craigsla party at #sundance2016” See it on Nick Jonas’ instagram!

As you probably know, Sophia never refuses to take a little of her time in order to take photos with her fans! And during the Sundance Film Festival she met a lot of fans and there are some lucky fans who had the privilege to pose with her!

6tag-285955903-1170238933566366625_285955903 She left Utah on January 24 and she posted THIS on instagram: “until next time Sundance. I’m leaving a little piece of my heart in Utah, and taking a new snazzy piece of tech home with me. Film, tech, style? Talk about a great weekend. #sundance #GearS2 #technerd #filmbuff ❤” See it on Sophia’s Instagram!

You can shop her style! If you liked her style during the Sundance Film Festival, all the articles she wore from Sorel are on their website!


Last summer, Sophia and friends went to Africa. They took the plane in LAX Airport (in Los Angeles) on June 19, 2015 to go to Africa in order to explore some areas of this country and help out ethical and fashion companies, 31 bits, Akola Project and Sseko Designs. Three companies which were created in order to help countries which was destroyed because of a war and which are suffering of poverty.

A Peek Inside Sophia Bush’s Safari-Bound Suitcase!


“When we heard Sophia Bush was embarking on a weeklong trip in Uganda to meet with three ethical fashion brands—31 Bits, Akola Project, and Sseko Designs—our ears immediately perked up. What would the actress pack for such an adventure? Luckily, Bush was happy to give us a peek at the contents of her very stylish suitcase, which included everything from her go-to camera to versatile sandals and a bikini for swimming with great whites. Keep reading to see all of Bush’s safari essentials!” Click here if you wanna learn more about Sophia’s Safari-Bound Suitcase!


Firstly they went to East Africa and more especially to Uganda. Sophia and her friends arrived in Kampala, the capital and Uganda’s biggest town, on June 20, 2015. The day after they woke up early in order to participate to a safari to explore Murchison Falls park where they could see a lot of animals and the Murchison Falls which is a waterfall on the Nile, between Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert. Then, they spent the night in the Paraa Safari Lodge hotel which is into the park.

“Pure magic. No words. What a day. The earth is vibrating in all of us. The tether is so strong and so raw. We are made to see and love this planet. And, sometimes, to be shaken to our cores by the wildness of lions and clay and wide open spaces. And if we are lucky, when we are shaken, we recognize old friends and our truest truths in seemingly new places. It’s all a home-coming. I am bowed to my knees. We are so very small. #grateful #tinytethers” See it on Sophia’s instagram!

On June 22, they went to Gulu where they met the women who work for 31 bits, a company which literally beats on love and which aims is to empower women and girls through fashion, they also visited the 31 bits workshops and Sophia has had the opportunity to learn their stories, learn how to dance and she even created and designed her own jewelry! Every 31 bits necklace is a handmade product created with recycled paper, painted and rolled by women.

normal_22-Juin-2015-Sophia-Bush-Uganda-Trip_001 “What an incredible welcome to Gulu, Uganda!! The 175 women of @31bits rushed our car upon arrival, dancing & singing, and pulled us into the compound and performed for us. We only sat for a few moments to learn the proper moves, and then were coaxed up and led into the field, dancing with these incredible ladies and their kids. I lost count of the number of times they thanked us for coming. The thing is, it’s us who are so grateful to them. For hosting us. For welcoming us like family. For their warm smiles and strong hugs and inviting souls. And for their incredible perseverance. #31Bits was born to help rehabilitate a war-torn region. To help empower the most disadvantaged women. To return hope to families. And these amazing ladies have done it. Their stories will move you to tears, make you thankful for the sheer magic that is the human spirit, and bring so much joy into your heart that you’ll realize you’re clutching your hand to your chest just to feel it beating, and you didn’t even notice that you put it there. Being conscious of what you support, even through such simple actions as buying a bracelet or necklace for a loved one, can literally impact entire communities halfway around the world. The gratitude that these women put into each piece they make is palpable here. Talk about the meaning of “being made with love.” #UgandaBeInspired #FashionWithPurpose” See it on Sophia’s instagram!

On June 23, 31 bits organized an aerobics class that they did with over 100 women (including Sophia). A bit later Sophia made some photos with international photographers for 31 bits in order to promote women’s work globally. She also met two men with amazing stories she has listened to them and she told us their stories in her turn.

normal_23-Juin-2015-Sophia-Bush-Uganda-Trip_005 “These are my friends David and Sam. I’ve known David, through Invisible Children, for many years. I just had the pleasure of meeting Sam on this trip to Uganda. Both of these men glow. They are so full of joy, purpose, & gratitude. And both of these men were kidnapped by the LRA when they were children. David managed to escape after six horrific months. Sam just came home last year, after 24 years of living captive in the bush. You’d imagine that victims of such a war would be closed off, angry, or afraid. These two are never not smiling. They are so welcoming, funny, & positive. Being home is a total miracle for them. They will share their stories, terrifying and unimaginable, with candor. They are looking forward. David has a passion for education access, has worked with IC, reintegration efforts for former LRA victims here in Uganda, and now a partnership with #PathwaysToPeaceUganda. His mission, as he puts it, is to give people their dreams back. To find out “who they want to be in this world and let them be it.” His work brought me to tears. His dedication is unparalleled. So many aid groups are gone now that the LRA is deep in Sudan. The programs that IC still supports here are among the few left rescuing those that come home. David is committed to continuing until the last LRA fighter surrenders. He greeted Sam upon his homecoming, they’ve become best friends. And Sam has been using his voice to make radio broadcasts (using the tower network IC helped to build!), send defection fliers into the bush — with his photos & messages of safe homecoming — to other captives of the LRA. The largest single defection happened last year, thanks to Sam’s messages, when 46 people came home in 1 day. As these men know, the conflict still exists. David told me that “if someday there are only two LRA fighters left, there is still a war. There may as well be thousands. They will keep fighting.” It’s often easy to feel exhausted by global issues, to lose focus on what’s happening around the globe, to feel disheartened & thus turn away. There is nothing disheartening here. There is only hope. Hope that each of these men once thought was lost. It’s here. Keep watching. #Hope” Click here to see it on Sophia’s Instagram.Chicago PD renewed for Season 3!


UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — Feb. 5, 2015 — NBC has announced it’s renewing dramas The Blacklist (season 3), Chicago Fire (season 4), Chicago P.D. (season 3), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (season 17) and Grimm (season 5) for the 2015-16 season.

For the 2014-15 season to date, NBC ranks #1 among the Big 4 networks in adults 18-49 and all other key demographics. NBC’s 2.9 average rating for the season in adults 18-49 is the network’s highest through 19 weeks of the season since 2008-09 (3.1).

The creative vision of the executive producers who’ve guided these outstanding dramas has been nothing short of incredible, said Jennifer Salke, President, NBC Entertainment. We’re highly appreciative of the passion they bring to their shows at every step of the creative process and we’re thrilled to reward that dedication with these renewals.

[…] Airing at 10 p.m. Wednesdays, Chicago P.D. is earning a 2.3 rating, 7 share in adults 18-49 and 9.4 million viewers overall this season, for gains versus last season of +10% in 18-49 and +14% in total viewers. Chicago P.D. has finished #1 or tied for #1 among ABC, CBS and NBC in the time period with five of its last six original broadcasts through Feb. 2.

From Dick Wolf and the team behind the hit series Chicago Fire, ‘Chicago P.D. is a riveting police drama about the men and women of the Chicago Police Department’s elite Intelligence Unit, combatting the city’s most heinous offenses — organized crime, drug trafficking, high-profile murders and beyond.

The series, from Universal Television and Wolf Films, stars Jason Beghe as gritty and determined Det. Sgt. Hank Voight. Also starring are Jon Seda, Jesse Lee Soffer, Sophia Bush, Elias Koteas, Patrick John Flueger, LaRoyce Hawkins, Marina Squerciati, Amy Morton and Brian Geraghty.


NBC is staging a three-way crossover for Law & Order: SVU, Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D., TVGuide.com has learned.

The episodes, to air Nov. 11 and Nov. 12, will share a story line about a child pornography ring that will begin on Chicago Fire (Tuesday, 10/9c) that then teams the P.D. squad to the New York City-based SVU investigators the following night (9/8c). Then, the SVU team travels to Chicago for the final hour of the event at 10/9c.

“It’s really representative of what we’re finding happening in the country more and more, that these organizations that we want to dismantle move across borders, they move state-to-state, and it takes a lot of people to cut off all the heads on this particular monster,” Sophia Bush told TVGuide.com Monday. “It’s a very personal story for Lindsay because it taps into her family and her childhood in a way that I don’t think the audience will expect.”

Bush’s character, Lindsay, along with Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) and Voight (Jason Beghe), will appear on SVU. Rollins (Kelli Giddish), Amaro (Danny Pino) and Benson (Mariska Hargitay) will appear on P.D. However, no one from SVU will appear on Fire.

“It’s a crazy collaboration process because it’s one thing to cross over two shows. It’s a whole other thing when you add SVU into it too,” Chicago Fire and P.D. executive producer Michael Brandt said. Also making things complicated is the fact that the Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. writers rooms are based in Los Angeles, while the SVU writers room is based in New York. “The logistics of making this work have been tough, but SVU sent a writer to Los Angeles to sit with us for awhile, and we all broke the stories together,” Brandt said.

Although this is the first three-parter, this is hardly the first crossover between the three shows. SVU and P.D. crossed over twice last season when Det. Lindsay traveled to New York, and when Rollins and Fin (Ice-T) traveled to Chicago, and P.D. and Fire have crossed over quite a bit.

“We wanted to figure out a way to create a crime that connects all three shows. Warren Leight (SVU), Matt Olmstead (Chicago Fire and P.D.) and I came up with a story that was big and unique enough to transit to all three,” Dick Wolf, who executive-produces all three series, said in a statement.

Brandt said that NBC first came calling about new possible crossovers after last April’s successful Chicago Fire and P.D. two-parter, which revolved around the bombing of a hospital, and the subsequent investigation of who was behind it. “NBC was asking for more ideas on how another one might work, and Dick, of course, was pushing really hard on figuring out with NBC how to make it work for all the shows, and financially, and all those kind of details,” Brandt said. “Dick is always looking for ways to cross over the shows, to promote the shows, to make everything bigger. These truly are his children, and we take his guidance. He’s always thinking outside the box, and this is another example of that.”

And it definitely won’t be the last. Brandt said talks of another major crossover event for next year are already in the works. “For all I know, there might be a C.P.D-SVU crossover again so we’ll see but there’s definitely going to be a Fire-C.P.D. crossover in the second half of the year,” Brandt said.

Source: TvGuide

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