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Antonio heads undercover with a dangerous robbery crew after a narcotics officer goes missing – Commander Fischer updates Voight on a missing officer that Narcotics had deep undercover with a robbery crew. Antonio connected with one of the crew members years ago, so he’s asked to reestablish contact to help them find the officer. Meanwhile, Roman and Burgess are dealing with a squatter situation and they enlist Chicago Fire’s Mouch to help.
Also starring Sophia Bush, Jesse Lee Soffer, Patrick Flueger, Elias Koteas, LaRoyce Hawkins and Amy Morton. Monica Raymund, Caleb Hunt, and Peter Jacobson guest star.
Feb 25 – NBC 10-11 p.m. ET

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A routine check on a potential terrorist threat puts Burgess in the hospital and intelligence on the case of a well-planned series of related crimes – With Burgess in the hospital after suffering gunshot wounds, the intelligence team is determined to find the people responsible. Lindsay delays her start so she can help with this case. Search of the house provides a lead and when a bomb is triggered a key suspect is found. Meanwhile the team takes turns watching over Burgess. Voight informs Burgess of a new opportunity that this affords her.
Also starring Jon Seda, Jesse Lee Soffer, Patrick Flueger, Elias Koteas, LaRoyce Hawkins, Brian Geraghty and Amy Morton.
Jan 07 – NBC 10-11 p.m. ET

I’ve been really busy with school, so I couldn’t watch the #CrossoverWeek till now. (Therefore I couldn’t cap before.) It was such an amazing crossover, they should do it more often! (right?) Well, here are tons of caps:
Chicago Fire – 3.07 Nobody Touches Anything

Law & Order: SVU – 16.07 Chicago Crossover

Chicago PD – 2.07 They’ll Have to Go Through Me

also new Stills & Behind the scenes pics from all 3 shows:

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Intelligence works the case of a wealthy dealer gunned down Antonio’s watch. – While Antonio continues his off-duty security job for Asher and Layla, Asher is killed. Voight and Olinsky make sure Antonio is covered. While they work the case Halstead and Lindsay go undercover in a rather uncomfortable location. Kot shows up to ask Lindsay for an answer.
Patrick Flueger, Marina Squerciati, LaRoyce Hawkins, Brian Geraghty and Amy Morton also star. Guest starring Stella Maeve and America Olivo.
Nov 19 – NBC 10-11 p.m. ET

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SVU detectives travel to Chicago to help Intelligence take down a pedophilia ring at its source – The final part of the crossover event finds our intelligence unit joined by detectives from New York’s special victims unit to help solve the pedophile ring case. Ruzek and Det. Amaro along with Halstead and Antonio continue to hunt for the link to foster care and child trafficking. Meanwhile Burgess and Roman try to find the shooter from the hospital after using surveillance footage to identify him. Platt shows her deep respect for police and the dangerous work they do by honoring their fallen brother.
Jason Beghe, Sophia Bush, Elias Koteas and LaRoyce Hawkins also star.
Guest starring Charlie Barnett, Kara Killmer, Kelli Giddish, Markie Post and Mariska Hargitay.

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The Chicago P.D. joins forces with Manhattan SVU to uncover the roots of a child pornography site. Guest starring “Chicago P.D.” stars Jason Beghe, Sophia Bush and Jesse Lee Soffer – Sergeant Hank Voight and Detectives Erin Lindsay and Jay Halstead track a child pornography victim to his last-known whereabouts in New York City, where Sergeant Benson and the SVU squad get a new lead – evidence of a livestreamed pornography “club” that caters to its subscriber’s shocking requests. When Lindsay discovers someone from her past is involved, she hopes it will help lead them to the site’s ringleader, but tensions between Voight and Benson could threaten the case.
Also starring Ice-T (Detective Odafin Tutuola), Danny Pino (Detective Nick Amaro) and Kelli Giddish (Detective Amanda Rollins). Also guest starring Lou Taylor Pucci (Teddy Courtney), Isabel Shill (Jocelyn Cerpaski), Mark H. Dold (Bob Clinton), Danny Mastrogiorgio (George Turner), Frank Deal (FBI Agent O’Connell) and Donnetta Lavinia Grays (Lina Bagley).
Nov 12 – NBC

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A routine house fire reveals evidence that demands the attention of the CPD—Story arc crosses over into “Chicago P.D.” and “Law & Order: SVU”—Members of Firehouse 51 are forced to contend with a house fire, but when the injured owner is rescued from his cellar clutching a suspicious box, Lt. Severide brings in Sergeant Voight and Detective Lindsay into the mix for further investigating. Elsewhere, Mills wonders if the dangers of Newhouses’s off-duty gig are worth the cash returns, while Molly’s II is in dire need of a good chef.
Jesse Spencer, Eamonn Walker, Monica Raymund, Kara Killmer, David Eigenberg, Yuri Sardarov, Joe Minoso and Christian Stolte also star. Serinda Swan and Randy Flagler also guest star.
Nov 11 – NBC

And I forgot to post this cute, short video of Sophia. It was posted on the official Chicago PD account a few days ago, but it’s cuteness overloaded so I needed to post it even a little late:

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Ruzek and Atwater go undercover as inmates after a 10-year-old girl is murdered. – Following the death of a 10-year old girl the intelligence unit have one option to gain access to their suspect, go on the inside. Ruzek (Patrick Flueger) and Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) act as inmates to work the case from the inside. Outside prison, Voight (Jason Beghe) and Olinsky (Elias Koteas) follow-up on a good lead to answer some questions about the shooting. Meanwhile, Burgess (Marina Squerciati) and Roman (Brian Geraghty) show three boys around district thinking they are part of the Police Explorers program, only to realize that’s not quite the case.
Also starring Jon Seda, Jesse Lee Soffer, Sophia Bush and Amy Morton. Eric LaRay Harvey, Chris Agos and Chris Allen guest star.
Nov 05 – NBC

I also added some more stills of Chicago PD’s previous episode An Honest Woman:

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