Welcome to Simply Sophia Bush, a fansite dedicated to the beautiful actress and activist Sophia Bush. She's best known for the role as Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill, and is currently bringing down the bad guys as Detective Erin Lindsay on Chicago PD (which is doing crossovers with Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Law & Order: SVU from time to time!). This site features the latest news on Sophia and her career as well as photos and media.

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I’m trying to get the site back on track, but it’s a lot, so I started to cap the missing episodes of Chicago PD. Still have a lot episodes, but season 3 is now complete. As you’ll notice: The gallery has a new look! Thanks (again- she already did our main header ♥) to my friend Melanie for the amazing new header!


As you can see the site is online again! We had some troubles and thanks to our host 4 Fans it all works again. I uploaded some missing pics.


I know the site is REAL slow on updates right now, especially on any others than pictures. It’s just that I need to focus on university (exams coming along -.-) and it’s easier for me to just “quickly” upload a bunch of pics. Searching for news, just really takes too much time for me right now. If YOU want to help me out, please contact me – I would love to have you as a team member :)

So I uploaded a few pictures of Sophia at the LAX airport on Friday:


I’m really sorry for the lack of updates lately… semester just started and I have soooo much to do already! Really trying to update as often as I can. If YOU want to help me out, please contact me – I would love to have you as a team member :)

So I added scans of this months Good Housekeeping Magazine. Let’s hope for more pictures to be released soon, so in love with this shoot!

also some “older” candids of Sophia leaving the SVU set in New York:


Today marks the third Anniversary of Simply Sophia Bush (online)! Wow. Already 3 years since I opened the site. It’s been such an amazing time so far. Posting all those news and pictures of the one and only Sophia Bush, who is just the most inspiring, optimistic, prescious and talented woman I can think of, and sharing this stuff with all you guys, who visit this site, is just so great – I hope it’ll never end. So thank you for keep visiting :)

To celebrate this Anniversary (and the upcoming holidays) I put up a new theme. I guess it’s pretty girly…. more than I wanted it to be – but oh well. I hope you like it :)

Also get ready for the Chicago PD fall/winter finale tomorrow10/9c on NBC!


First of all: Happy Thanksgiving to all of you :)

I just had a few minutes to check on the site, and there are some gallery issues since the site moved to a new server. Everything I uploaded in the last few week is gone. I need to re-upload it, I don’t have those pics on this computer I’m using right now, so I’ll do it next week. For now I re-uploaded the last candids and some “new” ones, taken this Tuesday:


New Candids! Yey! It’s been really long since the last ones. Sophia was seen leaving the gym after she worked out early in the morning yesterday (Nov 24). Some pics have been added:

Also I apologize for running so slow on updating the site! I’m soooo busy right now, planning something plus lots of extra-classes. So it’ll take till next week to get the site updated again (the “event” I’m planning is saturday – so I’ll be back (for real!) next week ^^). I hope you’ll check back :)


As you may have noticed I’m not posting very much articles or spoilers on anything. This is just because a) I don’t have as much time as I would like to have to search and post this stuff and b) I don’t spoil myself. I don’t read any of these but I know some of you like those stuff and of course I’d like to create a place where all little voices can find pictures aswell as spoilers and interviews – just everything (everything but gossip!) about Sophia and her projects.
So yeah, I just thought that there might be a person who would like to post this stuff here?
(just text, videos – stuff like this – no gallery (I already have an amazing help), so don’t worry)
I would be really, really grateful.
If you feel like you’re the right person to do that please e-mail me (using this form at the bottom of the post) or just tweet or dm me on twitter.
thank you :)


Just wanted to let you all know that there won’t be any updates from me for some days.
Will be back on August 11th – I guess.


Today is Sophia’s 32nd Birthday! Be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday via Twitter or some other social network :)

To “celebrate” her birthday, I put up new layouts designed by Nicole. The main theme features a recent photoshoot and the gallery theme some beautiful pictures of Sophia at the NBC Upfronts this year.

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