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It’s official! The actress Sophia Bush and her I Smell Great co-founder, Randi Shinder are partners and together, they will work to bring innovation to the beauty space and to empower women to create their own versions of #greatness.

rs-sb “Working with Randi is a dream come true, I’m incredibly excited. She’s just the coolest woman around with the most wonderful set of priorities. Everything with our company is based on new and leading technology – from the scent spheres to the extractions” said Sophia!

Sophia fell in love with Randi’s first company, CLEAN Perfume and has enjoyed watching her build brand after brand ever since. As an award-winning entrepreneur with a mission to change the face of beauty, Randi Shinder has met her perfect counterpart.
Getting to the heart of why women love beauty and what makes them feel special are concepts that resonate deeply with Sophia. With an affinity for beauty, technology and female empowerment, both ladies are excited to work together to take i smell great® to the highest level of greatness! Read it on I Smell Great

She announced us that she was a part of the I Smell Great team on instagram on June 20th.

normal_19-Mai-2015-Sophia-Bush-I-Smell-Great_002 “Today I am beyond proud and grateful to share some news with all of you. I am partnering with one of my long time beauty and business icons, @RandiJoy6, on the GREATest (literally!) fragrance, and a company that’s been years in the making, @ismellgreat. I fell in love with Randi’s passion and ethos, and we share a vision of spreading #greatness to women. I am so excited for all of you to experience the technology we have created, and the mission of our company. Make sure you all follow @ismellgreat for more! #CreateGreat #GreatPartners #GreatWomen #BeautyMeetsBrains #pinchme” See it on Sophia’s instagram!

She answered to few questions about her fragrance line, I Smell Great, during an interview for People Magazine! Find out here, her answers:

Sophia Bush: The Scent That Drives Guys Wild (and 4 More Must-Knows About Her Fragrance Line)

Some people wish they had special scents made just for them. Sophia Bush actually invented one. PEOPLE caught up with the actress-turned-beauty mogul at an event for the 2015 Wordie Games (video of Sophia and Ian) (where she played Words With Friends against Ian Somerhalder!) and we had to ask about her mix-and-match fragrance line that she’s sure will make women “feel good” and “confident.” Read on for the five facts that might have you sending your résumé to her start-up.

  • How to Woo a Guy in One Minute?

Trying to win over a guy? Have a hot date? Look no further, as there’s one scent I Smell Great scent she says is “definitely” proven to make men go crazy. “All of the guys at work really love our Wild Honey and there’s something about mixing Wild Honey with the Angel Cake that they’re obsessed with,” Bush told PEOPLE of her Chicago P.D. coworkers, joking “Of course, the guys like the Wild/Angel combo!”

  • You’ll Get (Way) More for (Much) Less

“We’ve patented a new scent technology so that our perfumes reactivate as our girls wear them because we want your product to last. We want your product to work for you all day, and that feels really good to be making something like that,” says Bush, who added that she’s learned over the years that some perfume companies make their products non-lasting so that you need to continuously reapply all day (and replenish your bottle sooner!).

  • Her Other Job Is Really, Really Fun

I Smell Great’s four initial scents (Angel Cake, Beach Babe, Candy Crush and Wild Honey) may seem frivolous, but they actually go hand-in-hand with Bush’s advocacy for women. “I have always been disheartened [by] how beauty has always been marketed in a way of telling women they’re not enough and that they need to buy something to feel better about themselves,” she says. “For us, it’s all about products that women love to use that make us feel good, that make us feel confident and we want those things to be based in an affirmation — we want you to start your day being reminded of your greatness and your potential, and the fact that you deserve to feel like your best self.”

Read more on People!

Don’t forget to check out Sophia’s instagram often if you don’t wanna miss her advices, the sales and exclusive photos of Sophia with her I Smell Great goodie!

ISG “#MondayMotivation I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since my business partner @randijoy6 and I announced our company @ismellgreat to all of you! I’m blown away by all of your support. I’m so so proud to be able to share #greatness. This company is our baby; my baby. The fact that my vanity is now full of products I helped make!? Unreal! I’m a cofounder because of the new technology we’ve patented that excites me so much, and because of our shared vision of bringing greatness, and better #productswithpurpose, to women everywhere. So many of you have asked questions since we announced, and throughout this venture I’ll be answering as many as I can, and asking a lot of questions of all of YOU! I love hearing your stories of greatness, about your experience with our goodies, and I want to know more! I’ll ask for your input and your feedback. And I may even ask you to participate in some cool contests with us (by “might” I mean I will for sure 😘). For now, I’m thrilled that the years of building this business and researching new tech have given me a platform to launch my entrepreneurial spirit on. I’ve helped so many amazing companies hone their vision and design as an advisor, and now I get to sit in the driver’s seat. And it’s all because of you guys and your incredible support. I can’t wait for all of you to see what we have in store for you! Get ready for more #greatness, and for some truly innovative #lifehack products. For now, I’m feeling so much gratitude and joy! Find your greatness at ismellgreat.com #2weekbday #livegreat #smellgreat #CreateGreat #FeelingGREATfull #myreallifeCOB #pinchme” See it on Sophia’s instagram

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